Abhi 17/04/24

The suit against dependent member 328 is not fished as the subject matter of the suit is compromised with the plate different different number 1 and 2 who agreed to not press the proceedings which was initiated by the definite 112 organise the clarity and repetition number before the human rights commission at Hyderabad as

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Os 34 of 2006

I submit that being the purchaser of property by me and other defendants from plainti if the flow of title to us got from plaintiff and previously we file a suit by OS number – dash in the in which were initiated by response less dependent number 3 that is forest department the honorable High

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Voice converter before the unable code that being the dependent is not refering the amount which is payable by the different which was borrowed by the different from rupees 10000 as the plaintive is not paid the amount as such the plaintiff is today legal notice to the defendant

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As an innocent purchase of a house approach the defendants 123 and fixed the rate and paid the money accordingly the property got registered on 87 2020 by sale deal in favour of me having sufficient knowledge about the agreement of sale in favour of me here there is no select relation between the plaintiff

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Q but I submit that the responding / plaintive while the petition under order 7 rule 11 praying the honorable code to reject the petition contact name by aliging that I have not while the LinkedIn that is the general power of attorney which was got to my vendor immediately after getting knowledge application on

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Sravanthi Under the instructions of my client shrimati 704 Shetty wife of Anil Kumar president of house number 228- 177 Dr call Dr colony phase 2 Warangal and instructions of my client I give you the following legal notice my client states that you are desi and my client or wife situations of your address

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